Animals Awareness!

Right now around the world, many kinds of animals are endangered. With support from people like you (yes, you), they can be saved. Some endangered animals include:

The Giant Panda

Info and Pictures: Giant Panda Info and Pictures!

They’re just so cute! They must be saved!


The Pangolin

Info and Pictures: Pangolin Info and Pictures!

Who doesn’t love a Pangolin? They’re like big armadillos with monkey tails and fluffy bellies!


The Blobfish

Info and Pictures: Blobfish Info and Pictures!

Just look at the Blobfish for a moment and you’ll see how cute he really is! Just look at his grumpy-looking smile, his big nose, his cute little eyes, and his blobbity slime (blobbity: Adjective, “Very blobby in appearance or feel”, coined, c. 2016)! So cute!


The Coelacanth

Info and Pictures: Coelacanth Info and Pictures!

This fish is amazing! Everyone thought that he was extinct, until he turned up one day as good as new!


These are just some of the wonderful animals that need your help! To find out more about endangered animals, see: Endangered Species Info


Save the Animals!