Happy Rubber Duckie Day!

Happy Rubber Duckie Day from AmazIn!

Ducky Fact: Rubber Ducks come in many styles

Ducky Fact: Rubber Duckie Day is celebrated on January 13 because that is the date of Ernie’s Rubber Duckie on the show Sesame Street

Ducky Fact: Some people collect Rubber Ducks

Ducky Fact: There is a Giant Rubber Duck that tours the harbors of many towns and cities

And there it is!


Happy Rubber Duckie Day!

Duck on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)








AmazIn’s First: A Year In Review

2016 was a great year, and we bet 2017 will be even better! Here are some big things that happened last year:


  • 2016 begins! (Jan. 1st)
  • Taiwan elects its first female president
  • Nearly flawless 3D Printed Ceramics are developed


  • A solar cell is developed


  • GN-z11, the most distant Galaxy ever found, is discovered
  • A pregnant Tyrannosaurus rex fossil is discovered


  • A coral reef is discovered near the Amazon River
  • A moon is discovered near Dwarf Planet Makemake


  • 370,000 years ago, it is discovered, Mars may have appeared white due to an Ice Age. It currently appears red due to rust


  • Solar Impulse 2 becomes the first solar-powered aircraft to circumnavigate the globe


  • It is discovered that Venus may have once been habitable


  • AmazIn is officially created!
  • The Rosetta Spacecraft ends its mission


  • A faster 3D printer is developed


  • Donald Trump is elected president-elect
  • A lip-reading program is developed


  • A potential place for a Mars expedition is found


Have a great new year, everybody!




AmazIn T.G.I.F. #2

Welcome to AmazIn’s T.G.I.F. Post number two, our weekly Friday post! Last week we showcased Pacman, and this week we’re showcasing….!

In this hit game, you play as a round, planet-like cell, trying to eat other player’s cells and the small, NPC cells to become the biggest Cell in Cell Town! (cell town may or may not be an actual place).

We hope you have fun, and join us next Friday for AmazIn’s third T.G.I.F.! Post!


-Drleevezan, Creator and Owner of AmazIn!

And: The AmazIn Monkey, Our Mascot!