Fun things to do online when you’re bored! On this page you’ll find AmazIn Links to some random but fun websites to cure your boredom! We’ve also included a description of the site. Reminder: AmazIn does not own any of these sites unless marked with ‘An AmazIn Site!’. The rest of the websites will say their owner next to their description.

Enjoy! 🙂


Fun!: fun site for all ages! An AmazIn Site! a Magical Creature! You have to believe in it to see it! An AmazIn Site! fun card collecting game! Still in it’s Beta Stages. An AmazIn Site! you like Cryptozoology? Join the W.W.O.O.C! Like the above, still in it’s Beta Stages. An AmazIn Site! great site for anyone who likes creepiness and/or reviews of Halloween items! Copyright Jonathan Wojcik fun site where you play as a penguin (hence the name), and can collect cute little puffball creatures called Puffles! Copyright Disney fun site where you can design a Moshi Monster and try to collect all of the Moshlings! Copyright Mind Candy online guide to the Moshlings of Moshi Monsters! (see the above link) Copyright Mind Candy a Dragon! Copyright Ava White an Imaginary Animal! Copyright Coda G. amazing facts! Copyright MentalFloss and publish a book online! Copyright Stories City more traffic for your website! Copyright Ana Hoffman your ticket and get in line for the most exclusive website! (There’s even a chance that you could win a cat GIF!) Copyright Justin Foley the tropes! Copyright TvTropes games and videos! Copyright Primary Games




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