Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome to the Thanksgiving Season! The AmazIn Team has decided to do something a bit different this year: A Thanksgiving Mystery starring our mascot, The AmazIn Monkey!

We’ll post a new part of the mystery everyday from today (November 4th) to Thanksgiving Day! If you think you can guess who did it before the final part of the mystery premieres, send us who you think did it, why, and how in the contact section. Anyone who guesses correctly will be sent a congratulations letter by the AmazIn Monkey after the mystery is over! So, without further ado, the first part of the mystery!:

November 4th:

The AmazIn Monkey had just finished setting the table. It was going to be a great Thanksgiving. He had invited many of his good friends. He was just putting out the last of the place settings when he noticed that the delicious turkey was gone! All that was left was gravy and crumbs. There were three people who could have done this, and they all had motives: Oink McPiggeldy the pig, AmazIn Monkey’s friend who loves to eat things, The AmazIn Groundhog, AmazIn Monkey’s cousin who had been woken up from his nap to come to the party, and Joe the cow, AmazIn Monkey’s neighbor whose invitation had accidentally gotten lost in the mail. AmazIn Monkey needed to find some clues. He looked around, until he found hoofprints. Hmm, thought the AmazIn Monkey. He could think of two people at his party who could make those. But he needed more clues. He kept searching….

Come back tomorrow for the next part of the mystery! Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

November 5th:

As he searched, he found himself walking out the door and into the woods. As he did, he saw a trail of turkey crumbs. He followed them until he came to a hair on the ground. He picked it up. He could tell that it was groundhog fur. He gasped. Could it have been his own cousin? Then again, AmazIn Groundhog didn’t have hooves. Where had the footprints come from? He still needed more clues. The trail of crumbs picked up again, and he followed them all the way to another clue….

Come back tomorrow for the next part of the mystery! Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

November 6th:

…A strand of hay! His neighbor, Joe, liked to eat hay! It could have been any of his three suspects! This case sure was tricky, but he had a hunch he’d find his next clue in town. He walked down the path to town. There was a sign on a nearby fence. It said ‘All the gravy is missing from town! Anyone who can find who did it gets a delicious cooked Thanksgiving turkey for free!’. “Hmm“, thought the AmazIn Monkey, “If I can solve that mystery, at least I’ll get another Thanksgiving turkey.” So he went to the grocery store where the gravy had been stolen….

Come back tomorrow for the next part of the mystery! Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

November 7th:

The AmazIn Monkey walked into the grocery store. The store owner saw him. “If you’re here to buy gravy, we’re all out! Someone stole it! It was all on that shelf, if you want to take a look!” he said. AmazIn Monkey went over to it. There was certainly no gravy. But there was also… half a letter and a trail of turkey crumbs! The letter couldn’t be read with just one half, but the trail of turkey crumbs must have been from his turkey! Perhaps the other half of the letter was at his house! He went to investigate some more….

Tomorrow is Election Day! Come back on November 9th for the next part of the mystery! Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃