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AmazIn Review: Nov. 4, 2016

By: Animal07, our News Journalist and Reviewer


Hi, I am Animal07, AmazIn’s new News Journalist and Reviwer! For my first review, I will be reviewing COSMO a robot toy. COSMO has his own emotions and is extremly smart!

  •  COSMO can build and break things and has emotions according to the situation!
  • COSMO is an extremly curious robot and wants to know what everything is!
  • COSMO can build blocks and is very intelligent!

That’s all for now, but please tell us what you think in the ‘contact’ section!

-Animal07, AmazIn’s new News Journalist and Reviwer

AmazIn Review: October 4, 2016


By Drleevezan

For our first AmazIn Review, we’ve decided to review a new toy coming out on Friday: Hatchimals! Hatchimals are a big mystery so far (possibly one of the best kept toys secrets of the internet age, in the opinion of AmazIn), but here’s what we know about them thus far:

  • They Hatch From Eggs: Hence the name. Hatchimals start out in eggs, which must be cared for before they hatch!
  • They Are Interactive: Presumably like Furbies. Once they hatch, Hatchimals are interactive toys that can, according to their website,: “Adapt to their owners”.
  • There Are Three Types Of Them: So far, there are three types of Hatchimals: Draggles, Pengualas, and Owlicorns (Owlicorns being a Toys R’ Us exclusive).
  • Everyone Is Wondering What They Look Like!: Including us here at AmazIn! Our guess: Draggles are like Dragons, Pengualas are like Penguins,  Owlicorns are like Owls, and they’re all cute!

We will post another Hatchimals Review when they come out, but if you want more news now, you can check: or, or You can also watch the commercials on Disney Channel. Hatchimals are available now for pre-order at Amazon, Walmart, Toys R’ Us, or Target! Image link of Hatchimal egg below!:

Hatchimal-In Egg!

Update: Hatchimals have come out! Our review: They’re great! You can teach them to talk, walk, and dance, take care of them, and play games with them! See a picture of a Hatchimal below!

Image link: Hatchimal-Out Of Egg!

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